How Beneficial Are Mouthwash and Oil Pulling

Whenever we talk about maintaining oral hygiene, it is mainly about brushing and flossing habits. These are undoubtedly the most important habits for you to have. But sometimes it gets difficult to get desired results by sticking only with the basics. Our eating habits can contribute to the strengthening of germs and bacteria in the mouth. This process of strengthening can outrun the pace at which mouth recovers from bacterial infections. Hence, it’s important to take into consideration some additional measures to ensure proper oral hygiene.

Among many other options, use of mouthwash and oil pulling is being considered as secondary best way to ensure better oral health. The main purpose of both these techniques is to dislodge the food debris which may or may not get consolidated on the teeth and under gum line.


When you want to ensure hygiene and also want to get rid of the bad taste in quicker way, use of mouthwash is something which can help in a way nothing else can. Most of the mouthwash products come with minty taste which provides quicker freshness.

An ideal mouthwash contains antioxidants and antibacterial elements which would have the capability to help in maintaining good oral health. But, you have to make sure that you are going to for alcohol-free mouthwash whether you are picking an off-the-shelf product or preparing it in your home. Alcohol should not be the part of this product because it has pretty disastrous effects for the oral health. Alcohol can dehydrate the mouth and cause bad oral bacteria to get breeding ground.

To get the best results, you will need to make sure that your mouthwash doesn’t contain alcohol, sugars, artificial flavors and sweeteners.

Oil pulling

Coming to more natural technique, oil pulling is the effective way of cleaning the mouth. This technique involves swishing of oil (usually the one derived from coconut) for no less than 20 minutes. According to the experts who suggest oil pulling, this process can help in dislodging toxins in the mouth in order to keep tongue, teeth and gums healthy. But this may come as a surprise that there isn’t any credible scientific research which could suggest effectiveness of oil pulling. However, this technique of cleaning the oral cavity has come to this modern age from ancient times. It mainly belongs to old Ayurvedic medical concept.

Nevertheless, this technique has been found very effective for ensuring better oral and dental health in many people. The users, and a number of experts, suggest that this technique can help in strengthening teeth and gums, re-mineralizing teeth enamel, giving whiteness to the teeth, and dislodging harmful tartar and plaque from teeth surface.


While there are a lot of benefits both mouthwash and oil pulling can offer, brushing and flossing stand as the primary techniques which you should adapt to in order to ensure better oral health. Oil pulling and mouthwash can be used as secondary options to bring health to the oral cavity.


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